Playing and having fun with a miniVNA PRO
 miniVNA PRO I made some measurements with my miniVNApro. Just connecting antennas, filters and other radio devices to see what append. Have a look at the pages, do not take it as scientific measurements, is just to have fun with this nice small blue box.

Bandpass receiving filter for 160 meters band.
Tuning a Procom six cavity VHF duplexer.
Find the value of a capacitor or an inductor with the miniVNA.
Drake TV-3300-LP HF Low Pass Filter.
Drake TV-75-HP Hi Pass Filter for TV.
BM-63 Hi Pass Filter for TV.
Diamond MX-72N antenna duplexer.
SWR on Codan terminated broadband HF dipole antennas.
Measurements on POLAR 214-2-IC VHF antenna.
High-Gain BN-86 balun tests.
Playing with a length of RG-58 coaxial cable.
HF notch filter made with coaxial cable.
FM band notch filter made with coaxial cable.

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