Recording contest QSO with YAESU FT-991 / FT-991A radio

How to record the full contest audio into .mp3 file(s).
For the CQWW contest there is a new rule stating:
Any single operator entrant competing for a top five finish at the (a) World, (b) Continent, or (c) USA levels, including Classic Overlay, must record the transmitted and received audio as heard by the operator for the duration of the contest operation.

It is possible to record the receiver's audio through the USB sound card in the radio (USB Audio CODEC), but only the transmitted SSB audio can be recorded, unfortunately not the CW.

USB driver:

On your computer COM port numbers will be most likely different from the above settings.

Therefore another way has to be found for CW. The solution is to record the audio delivered by the headphone jack which provide both the receiving audio and the CW sidetone.

On your computer
- Install the K3IT ''qsorder'' software available to download at
- You may need to install some CODECS. I use the free ''Cole2k Media Codec Pack''

On your FT-991
- Press F-LIST button, on ''MONI'' tab set it at 50 for a start.
- Later, the CW sidetone audio level may be adjusted by setting the ''MONI'' value.

- Connect to the radio 'PHONE' jack with a Y shape audio splitter.
- Plug your headphone/earphone on one side of the splitter.
- On the other side connect a ground noise loop insolator.
- Then connect the insolator to your computer to the line input or microphone input.
On Windows settings, select the correct audio source.

Recording the contest
- Make a desktop shortcut to qsorder.exe with the target: qsorder.exe -P 12060 -C
- The above options allow to record one hour of QSOs on a single .mp3 files
- More options are available on the readme.txt file provided with the software.
- Start your favorite contest software and run the qsorder recorder.

Good luck